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About Us

Who We Are

national system

National System LLC a limited liability Egyptian company, which provides different services and products to government and business.

National System focuses on building smarter nations by developing and deploying technologies for smarter communities, smarter economy, and stronger security. Through international alliances with leading technology companies and research organizations across the globe.

Currently, National System is an official business representative for different leading international companies in Egypt.

Our Objective

national system objective

Provide customers with the cutting-edge technology, personalized services, and customer support that are consistent with the highest international standards in the field, as well as being innovative, flexible, and cost effective.

National System helps customers from the phase of idea generation until the phase of implementing a complete integrated solution.

Our Services


  • Consulting
  • Business IT Solutions
  • Outsourcing


  • Air Force Capabilities
  • Land Systems
  • Security


  • Smart Cities
  • Green Energy
  • Infrastructure


National System helps customers from the phase of idea generation until the phase of implementing a complete integrated solution.

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National System is based in Cairo, Egypt, in the heart of the Middle East.

National System LLC.
7 Al Hadekah Street, Garden City, 3rd Floor,
Cairo, Egypt.

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National System consults and leads organizational and business process transformation to improve performance, increase effectiveness, reduce costs and improve resilience.

Project Management

National System’s expert team applies state of the art principles in portfolio management, program management, and project management.

Enterprise level solutions and Services include:

  • Deploying a new Program Management Office (PMO).
  • Developing a Program Management Office provides the strategic direction, oversight, and leadership that is necessary to manage large, complex, and mission-critical programs.
  • Enhancing an existing Program Management Office (PMO).
  • Project Management Consultation.
  • Projects/Program Evaluation.

Government Advisory

National System is dedicated to helping government organizations plan, design, implement and operate complex, scalable technology infrastructures. In addition to the strong understanding of the standards of Earned Value Management (EVM) and Public Value Management (PVM).

National System’s team excels at tackling the most complex challenges, and critical missions through its innovative Agile Project Management techniques.

  • Policy Development.
  • Research Studies.
  • Sustainable Development.
  • Program Evaluation.
  • Organizational Evaluation and Improvement.

Sustainable Development

National System supports government leaders and the private sector in the fields of technology research, publications and training. In addition to the Center for Excellence in Governance Technology.

National System is eager to collaborate with different international programs; like United Nations Development Program (UNDP), European Union Horizon 2020, and World Bank Global ICT transformation practice.

  • Publications & Case Studies.
  • International Conferences.
  • Center of Excellence in Governance Technology: aims to develop a strong database of professionals & academics specialized in governance technology across the globe.
  • Training: develop tailored training programs for government officials in governance technology. In addition to community service programs, that aim to create public awareness with governance technology.


IT Solutions

National System deploys state of the art technology to support the Industry, society and security. Through international cooperation with leading companies and organizations in technology innovation.

Integrated Solutions

National System offers full tailored applications; system integration; advanced reporting and business intelligence; adding Arabic interface for existing applications.

Our Information Technology Transformation Services include:

  • IT Strategy
    • Align IT with business goals.
    • Establish clear benchmarks across the application’s life cycle.
    • Improve processes through proven frameworks and best practices.
    • Consolidate, standardize, and harmonize data across multiple systems.
    • Align business and IT objectives, and improve quality.
    • Program Management Services.
  • ERP Strategy & Design
    • Identify strategic business goals.
    • Establish ERP governance mechanisms.
    • Determine the required ERP services.
    • Identify and implement the most suitable ERP package.
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance
    • Reduce complexity.
    • Eliminate redundancy.
    • Improve the effectiveness of risk and compliance management activities.

Web design & Digital Media

  • Business and Professional B2B / B2C websites: We build effective business and professional websites that meet the challenges of a changing competitive landscape. Our B2B and B2C websites feature customer-centric design & value proposition, allow for a two-way communication with the customers, fully integrate with social media, and deliver positive customers experiences.
  • Information Portals: We develop effective information portals of all sizes and purposes: directories, catalogs, document repositories, listings, articles, archives, and anything that has to do with organizing, sorting and searching massive amounts of data.
  • Custom Web Applications
  • Graphic Design & Infographics

Encryption Systems

Through our leading business partners in encryption system solutions, we provide a Military Grade quality trusted everywhere (Land, Air & Sea) secure data and voice communication, regardless of device, environment or location. Delivering proven security architectures to more than 5,000 organizations all over the world, including governments, enterprises, and carriers.

Our products include:

  • Cryptographic Equipment: Securing Virtual Private Networks
  • Enhanced Network Encryption
  • Communications Routers
    • HQ, man-portable, in-vehicle and maritime solutions
    • Multi-protocol voice/data support
    • Configuration and management tools
    • Ruggedized options
  • Cryptographic Key Generation and Management
  • Cloud Service Protection


National System successfully helped different government organizations and business to develop their IT infrastructure, through our extensive and most efficient network of IT suppliers and partners.


Customized Outsourcing in Egypt

National System will cover all logistics and administration needed to make your business easier and more efficient in Egypt. Our services focus on foreign companies, that want to operate for short or long term in Egypt. There is also a possibility to extend these services to the Middle East and Africa.

The services include:

  • State of the art facilities, infrastructures, workspace & offices.
  • Strong network in the local market, either with the government or with the private sector.
  • Provide expat resources required to operate in Egypt: accommodation, legal support and government administration process (Visas/work permissions). In addition to salary transfers and other benefits if needed.
  • Provide your products/services with: the necessary legal support; customs support; government administration process and other logistics, until it reaches your customer in Egypt.
  • Provide your customers with after sales services and support. In addition to our expert customer relationship management team.
  • Recruit required resources from the local market.
  • Represent you in front of different authorities in Egypt in order to ease your business operation.

Offshore Outsourcing

Our services are based on critical Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). We provide customized service agreements focus on the critical and specific measures needed for operational success.

With our most efficient business model, we can provide:

  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).
  • Data Entry and collection.
  • Software Development.


Air force Capabilities

  • Aircraft Position Sensing & Control (Power and Avionics)
    • Power systems
    • Data Systems
    • Control Systems
  • Pilot Controls (Human Machine Interface)
    • Cockpit Controls
    • Lighting
    • Switches
  • Ground Handling & Test Equipment
    • Data bus Test Sets
    • Pneumatic Test Equipment
    • Maintenance Panels
    • Landing Gear Indication
  • Stores & Gas Management (Pneumatic Systems)
    • HiPPAG (High-Pressure Pure Air Generator)
    • Lightweight pneumatic systems solutions for multi purpose use
  • Data Transfer
    • Dynamic Electrical Harnessing for Wing
    • Electrical Engine Harnessing
    • Dressings for Landing Gear


Land Systems

Interconnectivity in the Land Space with an innovative technological design to improve the interaction between vehicles, soldiers & bases.

  • Inductive power charging built into Soldier’s Vest.
  • Wireless HUMS.
  • Data over Power.

Soldier Worn Power & Data Systems

In the future, our soldiers will be walking sensors, with apps to help them fulfill their mission.

Typical apps will include:

  • Mapping
  • Range Card
  • Sector Sketch
  • Strike Warning
  • Weather
  • Air Strike
  • Hazards
  • Soldier Status



National System can be a real strategic partner, to develop complete solutions for safer nations. By building intelligent operation systems, smart emergency management and building an intelligent transportation and traffic control system. We help law enforcement agencies develop and deploy specialized tools and technologies.


Smart Cities

National System’s aim is to provide customers with the cutting-edge technology, personalized services, and customer support that are consistent with the highest international standards in the field. As well as being innovative, flexible, and cost effective.
National System works as a partner for customers starting from the phase of idea generation until the phase of implementing a complete integrated solution.

National System uses innovative technology to transform governments and industries, in order to cope with the challenges of globalization, economic uncertainty, emerging technologies, and a more connected citizen base.

National System provides consultation; training; support and maintenance for all its product lines.


Green Energy

National System supports the United Nations sustainable development goals for 2020, and is looking to support our nation through the latest technology in green sustainable development.

  • Power Saving Solutions
  • Renewable Energy Solutions


Based on our extensive and wide based partners and suppliers, National System looks to provide an efficient and effective infrastructure for residential and industrial complexes.



Our partner Europ.Education™ has almost 13-year experience in offering workshops and academic courses for undergraduates, graduates, and working professionals keen to gain skills' enrichment.

Their outstanding short schools offer learners the opportunity to participate in seminars and workshops to gain knowledge of a comprehensive range of Management-related subjects including: Business Administration, Marketing & Communication, Sports Business and Innovation Management.

The students are offered the opportunity to attend factory tours, site visits and seminars held by industry lecturers, as well as joining simulation games whose purpose is to enhance their qualifications in every subject.

Whether you like the sea, the mountains, art, history – or football and shopping – Europ.Education™ programs will offer you a lot to learn, and not all of it in books.


Winter Schools 2019

Germany + Austria + Slovakia

(19th – 28th January)
19th January Arrival to Munich airport, Transfer to hotel, Check-in, Orientation
20th January Treasure hunt in down-town Munich
21st January Photographic competition in gardens and parks of Munich
22nd January Guided tour of BMW plants
23rd January Self-Marketing and CV Projecting assisted by Pfizer manager
24th January Transfer to Vienna, Check-in, Orientation
25th January Tour of Vienna Energy, then tour of the Alps
26th January Guided tour of Volkswagen, then tour of Bratislava
27th January Lecture: International Business Management, Final Project and Certificate Delivery Ceremony
28th January Transfer to Vienna airport, Departure
BMW factory Munich

Spain + France

(28th January – 6th February)
28th January Arrival to Barcelona airport, Transfer to hotel, Check-in, Orientation
29th January Treasure hunt in down-town Barcelona
30th January Tour of Perpignan (France)
31st January Tour of Volkswagen Group plant and Barcelona port
1st February Self-Marketing and CV Projecting assisted by Pfizer manager
2nd February Tour of Gaudi-style Barcelona
3rd February Photographic competition
4th February Market analysis: Spain vs. Egypt
5th February Lecture: International Business Management, Final Project and Certificate Delivery Ceremony
6th February Transfer to Barcelona airport, Departure
Barcelona tour

STEM Ferrari Ducati School

1st Day Arrival at BLQ airport, Transfer to hotel, Check-in, Orientation, City tour
2nd Day 8:30-13:30: Transfer to Maranello, Lectures on Dynamics & Aerodynamics, and on Technological Development in Automotive, F1 Pit Stop Experience
15:00-20:30: Guided tour of Ferrari museum, Tour of Maserati, Tour of Modena, Return to Bologna
3rd Day 8:30-13:30: Transfer to Bologna, Factory tour of Ducati, Ducati's Physics Lab, Tour of Ducati museum
14:30-20:30: Labs of Robotics and HP Sprout, Tour of Bologna
4th Day 8:30-13:30: Transfer to Florence, Courses of Medical Technological Development and Cryptography with University of Florence
14:30-20:30: Tour of Florence
5th Day Check-out, Transfer to BLQ airport, Departure

* Includes: accommodation in DBL rooms, 1/2/3 meals per day (breakfast, lunch and/or dinner), tours and lectures as listed, transportation by private coach, Italian and English-speaking accompanying staff, 1 free staff every 10 pax (min. 20).

Ferrari Museum

Sports Marketing & Management in Italy

1st Day (Sunday) Arrival to BLQ Airport, Transfer to hotel by private bus, Check-in, Treasure hunt in down-town Bologna.
2nd Day (Monday) 09:30-11:00: First lesson: Ferrari Finance & Management of a Sport Organization;
11:00-12:30: Second lesson: Marketing Strategies of a Top Brand;
12:30-13:30: F1 Pit Stop Experience;
15:00-16:00: Guided tour of Ferrari Museum;
17:00-20:00: Guided Tour of Ferrari Circuit & Plant, followed by city tour of Modena.
3rd Day (Tuesday) Full-day tour of Casa Milan and Juventus Stadium.
4th Day (Wednesday) 09:30-11:00: First lesson inside the PIN Campus: Leadership in Sport;
11:00-12:30: Second lesson: Foundations of Relations with the Fans;
15:00-17:30: Tour of ACF Fiorentina’s HQ and Italian National Team’s HQ.
5th Day (Thursday) 09:30-11:00: First lesson inside the PIN Campus: Fund-Raising in Sport;
11:00-12:30: Second lesson: Foundations of Media Management for Sport Organizations;
15:00-17:30: Tour of Macrom with special focus on Sponsorship & Branding Strategies.
6th Day (Friday) 09:30-11:30: Workshop: Simulation of Business Planning in Sport;
11:30-12:00: Certificate awarding ceremony.
7th Day (Saturday) Check-out, Departure

Certificates provided by:

  • Ferrari
  • University of Florence
Ferrari Race Car